Michelle (ilovebeuford) wrote in springtucky,


Well I don't know how many of you noticed... But I gots the internet back! Yay! Anyway I wanted to share my most springtucky-est moment of the last month.

Me and Nick and Mark reweird my dads car with my sound system and were testing it out. All the windows were up, but the trunk was open. Anyway this lady that looks I-fucking-DENTICAL to Napolien Dynimite come scamppering up my driveway hiding behind the trees to see whats going on. Fro, glasses, 80's running shorts... she was like 60 though. Anyway she gets scared, so she comes back with her husband. He looked like Mr. Wizard... a science show on Nickaloden back in the day...

Anyway he comes up and yells with all his mite at us and we just ignore him. All the veins in his neck were popping out, and his face was maroon, and we couldnt hear a word he was saying. Anyway when I finally turned off the music and rolled down the window he said "Jesus Christ thats loud, can you turn it down" and Nick said "Sir could you not take the Lord's name in vein, this here is Christian music."


I love old people, and obviously they love me.

Isn't that what springtucky is all about, the love between 17 and 70 year olds? I mean... LOVE, yes thats why they make viagra! Santa i love you!
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